Toshiba Electronics launches ultra-compact photocoupler for industrial applications operating to 125°C



Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced an ultra-compact photocoupler that will help engineers to address MOSFET and IGBT gate drive requirements in inverters, induction heating designs and other applications requiring safety isolation and operation at high ambient temperatures. Offering guaranteed performance from -40°C and 125°C, the TLP2451 is supplied in an SO8 package with dimensions of just 3.95mm x 5.1mm x 2.5mm. Minimum isolation is rated at 3750Vrms and the photocoupler features a totem pole buffer logic output that can deliver peak output currents of ±0.6A. Toshiba's TLP2451 incorporates a GaAlAs infrared LED that is optically coupled to a high-gain, high-speed photodetector. An internal Faraday shield provides a common mode transient immunity of ±15kV/μs. The new coupler can operate with power supply voltages of 10V to 30V and has a maximum threshold input current of 5.0mA. Maximum propagation delay time is rated at 700ns.