Toshiba expands Exceria memory-card line


Offers new microSD versions.

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Exceria Micro SD of Type HD series

Exceria offers cards compliant with the UHS-I memory-card standard. The minimum recording speed is compliant with UHS speed class 1 (maximum bus transfer rate from 25 to 104 MBps) and SD speed class 10 (minimum read and write speed is 10 MBps). The cards deliver the capacity, speed, and performance needed to support the latest personal digital equipment including HD video recording and continuous image shooting with digital cameras. The first microSD Exceria cards to be introduced will be the Type HD series. These are designed for use in extreme conditions and intended to meet the needs of applications such as professional and sports photography, where high reliability is essential. In addition to water resistance, the cards also protect data from the effects of airport x-ray scanners. Type HD microSD cards have a maximum read speed of 95 MBps and a maximum write speed of 30 MBps. First models will be available in Q4 2012 with capacities between 8 and 32 GB. Toshiba