Toshiba increases current capability of their high-voltage intelligent power devices




Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its HV-IPD (high-voltage intelligent power device) line-up with a 600V, 5.0A part for PWM control of BLDC motors. The TPD4207F will simplify the implementation of high-efficiency BLDC applications ranging from home appliances to industrial pumps and fans.

The TPD4207F combines controller and driver logic, high-voltage MOSFETs in a three-phase bridge output, bootstrap diodes and comprehensive protection functionality. Full control of a BLDC motor is achieved by simply applying signals from a host microcontroller or motor controller IC to the TPD4207F inputs.

Toshiba has employed its high-voltage Super Junction MOSFET technology (DTMOS IV) and driver IC in a multi-chip configuration. The package has been designed by separating all small signal pins from the power pins. Built-in functionality includes over-current and under-voltage protection and thermal shutdown.

The TPD4207F is supplied in a compact SOP-30 package with a footprint of only 20.0mm x 11.0mm x 2.0mm. Typical on resistance is just 0.44Ω. Suitable for high-efficiency, low-noise sine-wave motor control, the new HV-IPD allows dead-time to be configured from a minimum of 1.0μs.

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