Toshiba International and Pennsylvania Breaker announce joint distribution agreement



Toshiba International, a leader in power transmission and distribution, announced a joint agreement with Pennsylvania Breaker (PAB). The strategic alliance brings the high performing high-voltage (HV) circuit breakers of PAB to international markets including North America through the well-established distribution network of the TIC Transmission & Distribution Division and other Toshiba T&D Group companies. "PAB brings renowned expertise and quality to the HV circuit breaker market," said Russ Yetter, North American Sales Manager for the TIC Transmission & Distribution Division. "This partnership benefits not only Toshiba and PAB, but also the unmet demand for American-made HV circuit breakers of exceptional quality in the utility market." PAB is a U.S.-based manufacturer of HV circuit breakers now including Toshiba-branded 72 KV, 145 KV and 245 KV families of HV ANSI dead-tank circuit breakers. PAB is solely focused on the design and manufacturing of HV circuit breakers using robust and easy-to-use components. PAB's HV circuit breakers are designed and built in the U.S. using state-of-the-art technology such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and 3-D CAD layout design systems. "With Toshiba's more than 125 years of experience in power transmission and distribution, PAB now has greater access to the global utilities market," said Chuck Mosca, Chief Operating Officer for PAB. "PAB welcomes this opportunity to provide our superior performing breakers with unlimited reach while collaborating on new energy service technologies." Toshiba International