Toshiba launches 1.5A LDO regulators in ultra-small package


New devices feature the industry’s best ripple rejection ratio and fastest load transient response

Toshiba Electronics Europe has started shipping a new low-dropout (LDO) regulator series in the industry’s smallest WCSP6F package measuring just 1.2mm x 0.8mm x 0.3mm. The TCR15AG series comprises of 47 different voltage options and is suitable for any mobile or modular application that requires a small, thin LDO device with high current handling capability.

Despite its small package, the TCR15AG series drives high current levels of 1.5A, suiting it for power supply circuits in RF applications such as Wi-Fi® chipsets or IoT and wireless modules. The new series can also control power supply in applications requiring a high current, including notebook PCs, digital camcorders, storage devices and set-top boxes.

The TCR15AG series delivers the industry’s best-in-class ripple rejection ratio (95dB) and fastest load transient response, thereby significantly reducing the ripple and noise from a Power Management IC (PMIC) or a DC-DC converter. This ripple and noise is often a limiting factor in the power supply for cameras and radio-frequency (RF) circuits. The TCR15AG series helps to minimize output voltage fluctuations that occur in response to sharp changes in current during mode transitions in cameras and RF circuits.

Low voltage dropout is secured by the use of an external bias voltage (VBIAS), which helps to improve system power efficiency and contributes to a longer time between charges for mobile product batteries.

The TCR15AG series enables support for a wide range of power supply applications as it has additional protection features, including overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown, and offers adjustable as well as fixed output voltage types. The fixed output voltage types are available from 0.65V to 3.6V, whilst the adjustable type can be set between 0.60V and 3.6V via external resistors.