Toshiba launches their next-gen low-voltage MOSFETs



Toshiba U-MOS IX-H trench-MOSFETs

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced its latest family of low-voltage, ultra-efficiency trench-MOSFETs based on the company’s next generation U-MOS IX-H semiconductor process. The MOSFETs deliver industry-leading RDS(ON)*QOSS (on resistance to output charge product) figure of merit for this class of devices. Initially available in 40V versions, the family will be extended in the coming months with devices offering ratings of 30V to 60V. The first device in the series has a typical RDS(ON) of only 0.7mΩ (max 0.85mΩ) and a typical output capacitance (Coss) of 1930pF. Rated for 40V, the TPHR8504PL is supplied in an ultra-miniature SOP-Advance package measuring just 5mm x 6mm

Target applications for the ninth generation U-MOS family include DC-DC converters, synchronous rectification and other power management circuitry where low-power operation, high-speed switching and minimum PCB real estate are needed.

U-MOS IX-H MOSFETs are ideal for high-side and low-side switching in DC-DC converters and secondary side synchronous rectification in AC-DC conversion circuitry. By improving the RDS(ON)*A value, U-MOS IX-H technology supports die size reductions of 65% for the same RDS(ON) - or RDS(ON) reductions of 65% for the same die size compared to the previous 40V UMOS VI-H generation.

In addition, a better trade off between output charge (Qoss) and RDS(ON) leads to increased efficiency. As a result U-MOS IX-H MOSFETs can help designers to reduce both power consumption and equipment size. Designers will be able to choose from a variety of surface mount packages and, in future, also an option that offers dual-side cooling.