Toshiba Launches Ultra-Miniature, Low-Power 200mA LDO Regulators



Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a new family of low-power 200mA low drop out (LDO) voltage regulators that are supplied in ultra-miniature wafer-level chip scale (WCSP) packages... Measuring just 0.79mm x 0.79mm x 0.5mm, devices in the new TCR4SxxWBG and TCR4SxxDWBG LDO families require just 8% of the board area of an equivalent SOT-25 device, while maintaining excellent ripple rejection and output noise performance.

Capable of driving up to 200mA, the new LDO families offer fixed voltage outputs ranging from 1.2V to 3.6V with output voltage levels provided in 100mV intervals. The regulators are single output devices and exhibit typical dropout voltages of only 90mV @ 2.5V output voltage. The devices incorporate overcurrent protection and are equipped with an on/off control function to minimize total system power consumption. Additionally, the TCR4SxxDWBG family has an auto discharge function for rapid discharge of the LDO when switched off using the control voltage. Designed for low power operation, devices in the new LDO families have low typical quiescent bias currents of 45μA, while typical standby currents are down to just 1μA. Typical power supply ripple rejection ratio is a high 80dB (IOUT = 10mA, f = 1kHz), while output noise voltage is rated at only 30μVrms. The new regulators are ideal for mobile phones, PDAs and other portable battery operated applications requiring high-density component mounting with low system power consumption. In addition to their small size, the LDOs also allow designers to use small ceramic input and output capacitors to further reduce board space requirements. For more company information visit