Toshiba unveils photorelays with up to 5A drive current



The TLP3547 is a 60V product with an industry-leading 5A (max.) large drive current

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced three new compact, DIP8 package products to its line-up of photorelays that can replace mechanical relays in industrial applications. The new devices - which include an industry-leading 5A large drive current – will suit a variety of applications ranging from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to inverters, PLCs and automated test equipment (ATE).

Unlike mechanical relays, photorelays have no physical contacts that are subject to wear and deterioration. This contributes to greater reliability. Use of photorelays also helps support the development of smaller and thinner designs. A guaranteed pulsed ON-state current that is three times greater than that of the continuous ON-state current secures a margin for safety design.

Toshiba’s TLP3547 is a 60V product with an industry-leading 5A (max.) large drive current. The TLP3548 is a 400V product with a 0.4A (max) drive current that offers high-speed switching of 1ms (max). The 600V TLP3549 is presented as the industry’s first photorelay to utilise a super-junction structure ‘DTMOS’ MOSFET and delivers a 0.6A (max) drive current.

All of the new photorelays have a minimum isolation voltage rating of 2500Vrms.

Toshiba Electronics Europe