Touchless Switch for Contactless, Hygienic Switching



SCHURTER brings optical sensing to conventional switching, with its new TTS Touchless Switch. The TTS is a robust stainless-steel switch, designed for indoor or outdoor public use to prevent the spread of pathogens.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly raised awareness about the transmission of viruses and bacteria via surfaces, particularly as it relates to man and machine interface. This phenomenon gives rise to increased demand for touchless activation of equipment and appliances used in community accessible areas, which has consequently created demand for non-contact switches to replace conventional touch activated switching technologies. 

The TTS optical ToF (Time of Flight) technology allows for precise programming of each individual switch. The standard detection distance is set at 60-0.1mm. This detection distance ensures that wiping or cleaning the switch surface does not trigger a switching malfunction.  The TTS technology is also insensitive to splashes, drips, rain or sunlight. A momentary or latching version is available. The switch is bicolor ring illuminated red/green for optical feedback. Illumination supply voltage is if 5-28 VDC. The TTS has a switching current and voltage maximum of 100mA at 42 VAC / 60 VDC. Applications include automatic door openers in hospitals, airports and transportation facilities, as well as restroom facilities within these public places. Other applications include use as a photoelectric barrier.

The TTS has a product lifespan of more than 20 million switching cycles; a benefit of no moving parts. Impact resistance is IK09. It has an ingress protection rating of IP67. Mounting diameter is 22 mm and is by means of a nut with anti-rotation protection, allowing easy installation and substitution of same sized touch switches. Laser lettering and symbols available.

Pricing for the TTS starts at just under $40.00 each at 100 pieces, packaged in boxes of 10 pieces. Links  for the TTS Data Sheet: TTS - Touchless Switch ( and White Paper SCHURTER TTS White Paper