Transformers With Built-In Sense Winding Capability


Ideal for Tight Board Layouts in LED Lighting, Switch Mode Power Supplies, & More

Perris, CA — With their unique performance and space-saving design, the CST25 Series Current Sense Transformers from Triad Magnetics set a new standard for accuracy, ease-of-use, reliability and value.

Triad’s advanced CST25 Current Sense Transformers are ideal for monitoring current in high frequency applications, such as LED lighting, switch mode power supplies and more.  Their design features a breakthrough built-in sense winding capability, which eliminates the need for additional wiring and jumpers, to conserve circuit board space, reduce layout complexity and increase installed reliability.

Current sense transformers help monitor and control circuits.  In power supplies, for example, they detect the current while maintaining electrical isolation as loads change. They are highly efficient and accurate, finding application in a wide variety of equipment types and industries.

Triad’s CST25 Series Current Sense Transformers are available in five different popular turns ratios, ranging from 1:50 to 1:1000.  They operate over a wide temperature spectrum of -40 to +100ºC for use in extreme temperature applications.      

The CST25 models feature minimum secondary inductance ranges available from 4.7 to 1900 mH, with the maximum secondary current ranging from 50 to 500 mA.  The maximum secondary DCR is 0.5 to 50 ohms.  Maximum ET is 175 to 3500.  The rated primary current is 25 A.

The thru-hole style CST25 package comes in a compact footprint, which is 0.464 inches (11.80 mm) tall.   Length is 0.66 inches (17 mm) by 0.59 inches (15 mm) width.  These transformers are fully RoHS compliant, meeting the 2015/863/EU Directive to help protect the environment.

The rugged and reliable CST25 Series Transformers come in fully encapsulated packages.  Encapsulation allows for a high isolation of up to 4000 VAC between the primary and secondary windings for added safety in demanding power environments.

Triad’s CST25 Current Sense Transformers are priced starting at $0.95 each in minimum quantities of 1,000 pieces. They are available off-the-shelf from the magnetics industry’s broadest network of popular distributors. In addition to standard models, Triad’s U.S. Design Center is available to meet custom-engineered requirements.

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