Transphorm and Microchip Help Drive GaN Adoption


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4 kW PFC GaN Evaluation Board with dsPIC DSC Fast Tracks Power System Development, Complete with Worldwide Technical Support

Transphorm Inc. announced that it has partnered with Microchip Technology Inc. The collaboration integrates a Microchip dsPIC33CK digital signal controller board with Transphorm’s 4 kW AC-to-DC bridgeless totem pole power factor correction (PFC) evaluation board, which features the company’s latest Gen IV GaN technology. Building on Transphorm’s application support capabilities, Microchip’s worldwide technical support team will also be available to developers working with the integrated Transphorm solution.

As a result, customers can access an evaluation board offering more than 99 percent efficiency and pre-programmed firmware off the shelf, now backed with global support to further simplify AC-to-DC power system designs. 

Microchip’s dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are supported by a set of embedded design tools created to empower developers, even those with limited expertise. These tools provide intuitive graphic user interfaces for device initialization in Microchip’s free MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment. The software tools are complemented by a full line of programmer, debugger and emulator accessories. 

Technical Specifications

The DSC-integrated solution is used in Transphorm’s TDTTP4000W066C-KIT, featuring:

               · 650 V 35 mΩ Gen IV GaN FET(TP65H035G4WS)

· Input voltage: 85 VACto 265 VAC, 47Hz to 63Hz

· Input current: 18 Arms; 2 kW at 115VAC, 4 kW at 230 VAC

· Output voltage: 387 VDC± 5 VDC(programmable)

· Deadtime: programmable

· PWM frequency: 66kHz

              · Power factor: > 0.99

The evaluation board is designed around Microchip’s dsPIC33CK digital power plug in module (PIM) to control the PFC powertrain. The kit includes a pre-programmed PIM that features:

              · Microchip’s AEC-Q100-qualified dsPIC33CK256MP506 digital signal controller

              · 100 MIPS for faster deterministic performance in time-critical control applications

              · Dual Flash Panels – to enable live update of code while power supply is running

              · High analog integration for reduced BOM costs and minimum system size

              · PWMs with 250 ps resolution


The TDTTP4000W066C-KIT is available through Digi-Key and Mouser.

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