Transphorm launches 72mΩ TO-220 GaN FET




Transphorm, a leader in the design and manufacturing of JEDEC-qualified 650V GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors, announced its latest portfolio addition: the TPH3212PS. Available in a TO-220 package, the device has an on-resistance of 72 mOhms (mΩ) and targets AC to DC and DC to AC power supplies. When used inside the former, the TPH3212PS—along with its family members—makes implementing bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction (PFC) designs possible.

To date, Transphorm’s product portfolio consists of 600V and 650V discrete FETs spanning TO-220, TO-247, and PQFN88 packages for power levels up to 4.5 kilowatts. The TPH3212PS fills a power level gap in the company’s second generation product line, specifically between the 52mΩ and 110mΩ FETs. As a result, battery charger, PV inverter, server and servo motor manufacturers gain more design flexibility with Transphorm’s newest high-quality, high-reliability discrete device.

Release of the TPH3212PS remains in step with Transphorm’s mission to enable design engineers to effectively implement GaN technology into designs. The company develops its GaN in well-understood TO-XXX and PQFN88 packages. Further, Transphorm uses the high-reliability cascode configuration, which eliminates the need for custom drivers and—most importantly—considerably increases the GaN FET’s gate safety margin.

“Transphorm aims to enable the market by delivering GaN in the highest quality, highest reliability format as possible,” said Umesh Mishra, CTO, Transphorm. “We recognize GaN is not just a drop-in replacement for silicon MOSFETs used today. Board redesign and system modifications are required to capitalize on GaN’s complete set of benefits from performance through to system cost. If we can minimize that learning curve by working with well-known packages and a configuration that behaves similarly to a MOSFET—we believe the industry will move further faster.”

TPH3212PS Highlights

• 30 to 40 percent increase in system level power density
• 2x to 4x faster switching compared to silicon; lowering crossover losses to increase system efficiency
• Compatible with off-the-shelf gate drivers; increasing gate safety margin to an industry-leading, unmatched +/- maximum 18V gate drive
• For designs moving from standard PFC to bridgeless totem-pole: eliminates use of a bridge rectifier, parallel FETs, and additional passives as the power level increases; reducing overall system cost

Availability, Pricing and Support

Fully-qualified and in production, the TPH3212PS is priced at US$8.94 in 1000-unit quantities. The product is currently supported by a SPICE program and application notes. A full evaluation kit for 2.5 kilowatt hard-switched half-bridge, buck or boost designs is available for pre-order and priced at US$250. Visit here for details.