Transphorm releases first JEDEC qualified 600-V GaN HEMT


Establishes vital milestone in development of GaN devices

Transphorm has announced the JEDEC qualification of the company's TPH2006PS GaN HEMT on SiC substrate, making it the industry's first qualified 600 V HEMT device. The TPH2006PS, based on the company's patented high-performance EZ-GaN technology, combines low switching and conduction losses resulting in reduced energy loss of up to 50% compared to conventional silicon-based power conversion designs, today. The TO-220-packaged device features RDS(on) of 150 m?, Qrr of 42 nC, and high-frequency switching capability that enables compact, lower cost systems. Transphorm's efficient, compact, and easy-to-use power devices simplify the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of electrical systems and products, including motor drives, power supplies, and inverters for solar panels and electric vehicles. Transphorm