Triad’s MD series portable power source offers 3kV medical-grade isolation



MD Series rugged, portable medical-grade power sources

Triad Magnetics, a leading manufacturer of magnetic components for medical, industrial, commercial and aerospace applications, introduces the MD Series of rugged, portable medical-grade power sources. The units, complete with power cord and receptacles, provide a simple and reliable means for safely isolating medical devices , diagnostic instruments, patient monitoring equipment and electrical stimulus therapeutic equipment from the power line.

The MD Series is available in models with output voltage of 120VAC in ratings from 250VA to 2400VA, with two or four NEMA 5-15 receptacles (based on VA rating). Units are available with 240VAC or 120VAC input. All units feature 3kV galvanic isolation, 5% no-load to full-load regulation, and 92% typical efficiency at full load and less than 10μA typical leakage.

The construction of the MD Series toroidal transformer minimizes leakage currents from the power line through to the patient and equipment. It also minimizes radiated magnetic fields that can adversely affect very sensitive patient diagnostic, monitoring and therapy instruments. The MD Series offers users (hospital and medical center personnel) the capability of providing medical-grade power to several different instruments within the space of a patient’s room.

“Our MD series toroidal transformer design does not include additional and often unnecessary filtering circuitry which simplifies the device and makes it more reliable while lowering cost,” said Triad’s CEO, Bill Dull. “And unlike most of the competitive units that have the output neutral wire tied to ground, the MD series output neutral is floating, effectively limiting chassis leakage current as well as ground leakage current.”

Price: $136.87 for 250VA to $457.69 for 2400VA models in quantities of 10

Triad Magnetics