TTI Europe Now Stocks Amphenol's IP67 M8 Single Pair Ethernet Connections



TTI Europe Now Stocks Amphenol's IP67 M8 Single Pair Ethernet Connections

­TTI, Inc. – Europe is now stocking Amphenol IP67 M8 Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connections for rugged industrial applications. Engineers can benefit from uninterrupted connectivity from remote field devices to the cloud for increased uptime, but with a small M8-sized interface so they can reduce the size of their equipment. 

SPE cables simplify the process of connecting and powering edge devices by extending the range and bandwidth of a single twisted pair. The cable supports Power Over Data Lines (PoDL) to 52W so both data and power can be delivered via a single wire pair, and it provides exceptionally fast data transfer of 1Gbit/s per twisted pair as well as a data rate of 1000BASE-T1.

Furthermore, SPE cable is up to 60% lighter in weight than a standard four-pair CAT 6 cable, meaning engineers can reduce the weight on their machine. The M8 interface is also approximately a third of the size of an M12 connector, so equipment size can be minimised.

The mechanical interfaces are all designed and made according to IEEE802.3bp standard offering and provide excellent reliability in harsh industrial environments so users can improve process efficiency. The IP67 M8 connection has a vibration resistance in the frequency of 10 - 2,000 Hz and delivers high levels of protection against the ingress of dust and liquids, including submersion in water up to 1 m depth. 

Amphenol’s SPE cables are available shielded or unshielded, and there are 4 connector options; M8 (screw thread), M12 (screw thread and Push-Pull), FLOS+ (Push-Pull) and X-Lok (Push-Lock). The cables and connections are ideal for rugged applications with heavy duty equipment across a wide range of industries including renewable energy, railway and mass transit, industrial automation and automotive. 

For more information about Amphenol’s single pair ethernet solutions available from TTI Europe, please go here