TTI Introduces New SMD Pin Diodes from Vishay



New from TTI, Inc., the global distributor of passive, interconnect, relay & switch and discrete components, are the VBPW34x and VBP104x series of high-speed SMD PIN photodiodes with gull-wing and reverse gull-wing packages in clear epoxy and daylight blocking filtered versions. The eight new devices are optimized for smoke detection, detectors in light barriers, and data transmission in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. The VBPW34FAS, VBPW34FASR, VBP104FAS, and VBP104FASR photodiodes feature a daylight blocking filter matched with IR emitters operating at a wavelength of 870nm or 950nm, such as Vishay's TSFFxxxx series. The devices are optimized to detect infrared signals in light barrier applications covering the range of 780nm to 1050nm, and offer a peak wavelength of 950nm. For high-speed photo detection, the VBPW34S, VBPW34SR, VBP104S, and VBP104SR clear epoxy devices are ideal for signal detection in the spectral range of 430nm to 1100nm, and offer a peak wavelength of 940nm. The VBPW34x series photodiodes feature a large optical sensitive area of 7.5mm2 that provides a high output signal of 55μA typical at an illumination condition of 1 mW/cm2 at 950nm and 5V reverse bias. The VBP104x series devices offer a smaller optical sensitive area of 4.4mm2 that provides an output signal of 35μA and 30% lower capacitance. The devices' high linearity enables reliable operation over the temperature range of -40 to +100degC. The high-speed photodiodes offer a fast 100ns rise and fall time, low dark current of 2nA, and a wide angle of half sensitivity of 65°. The devices' surface-mount packages measure 6.4mm by 3.9mm with a profile of 1.2mm. The lead (Pb)-free photodiodes support lead-free processing in accordance with RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC, and are compatible with lead-free reflow solder assembly. The VBPW34x and VBP104x series offer a floor life of 168 hours in accordance with J-STD-020. For more information, please visit: