TTI Lets You "Focus" on Designing w/ Kingbright Lensed LEDs



TTI, Inc., is now stocking the APTD1608 family of lensed LEDs from Kingbright. These focused products are targeted for backlighting and indication in industrial and medical equipment applications. 

Kingbright is offering 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm SMD LEDs with a low profile 0.95 mm thickness. With a molded-in lens to provide a 60 degree viewing angle. Ideally suited for backlighting and indication where space is limited and color uniformity and intensity are critical. These highly efficient products are available in all primary colors and white.  LED selections available in bi-color and tri-color options and flexible color combinations. The surface mount package is designed to simplify assembly process while reduce assembly cost and increase productivity.

To learn more, search parts for Kingbright Lenses.