TTI Offering Backlighting Chip LEDs from ROHM



TTI, Inc., is now offering the ROHM CSL0901/CSL0902 LED series. These compact, high-output, surface-mount LEDs are designed with molded lenses to optimize intensity. This new lineup includes 18 devices, comprised of the CSL0901 series and featuring standard brightness and the high brightness CSL0902 series. LEDs are optimized for uses in industrial, medical and automotive systems.

Recently, most backlighting designs have adopted shields to prevent light leakage from the LEDs to surrounding areas. However, light leakage remains a challenge due to a small amount of space that is required between the shield and the PCB to account for expansion caused by temperature changes. Additionally, some applications using LEDs, such as medical, automotive and industrial systems where electrical components are exposed to severe conditions, require high reliability from these components, so they can better withstand the effects of aging caused by the extreme environments they are exposed to.

In response, ROHM has taken a step ahead in the industry to develop the CSL0901/CSL0902 products targeting applications that require high reliability at the component level, such as developing the first high-brightness, silver-free LEDs to prevent sulfuration, which is one of the leading causes of aging.

This newest series consists of automotive-grade products that ensure high reliability in vehicle instrument clusters which operate under harsh environments. Raising the light source position from 0.18mm in standard products to 0.49mm allowed ROHM to significantly reduce light leakage. Meanwhile, size was reduced by approximately 18x compared to conventional reflector-type LEDs.

To learn more, visit ROHM Backlighting Chip LEDs at TTI.