TTI Offers Broad Inventory of Ohmite Power Resistors



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., provides a deep and wide inventory offering from Ohmite’s full range of high power thick film resistors. Some of Ohmite’s most popular series include the TAH, TBH, TCH and TKH products. These series are available in TO-220 and TO-252 packaging and are engineered for a large range of applications. Key features include a low thermal resistance with the resistance element electrically insulated from the metal heat sink mounting tab.

Also in this offering are 600 to 2,000-watt heat sinkable planar resistors which deliver continuous power to a variety of power applications. The most popular series in this range is the TAP 600-watt product. These planar resistors feature a low profile footprint, high dielectric strength and meet the requirement of UL94-V0.

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