TTI Offers Infrared Emitters and Sensors from Kingbright


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Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., is now stocking the APT2012 Series infrared emitters and detectors from Kingbright. These LEDs are targeted for unique sensing applications in industrial and medical equipment applications. 

Kingbright’s IR LEDs selection with infrared, phototransistor and sensor industry standard SMD and through-hole packages features infrared emitter and phototransistor in the wavelength range from 880nm to 940nm @ 20mA (or *50mA) with different lens options and viewing angles from 20° to 160°. This selection offers multiple package alternatives which include PLCC, subminiature, top emitting, right angle, dome lens SMD LEDs, as well as 3mm and 5mm through-hole in matching emitter/detector pairs.

To further broaden our product offering, Kingbright introduces ambient light photo sensor and RGB color sensor. The ambient light photo sensor is a NPN silicon phototransistor which is adapted to respond to the human eye. Sensitive to visible spectrums, it is an effective power saving solution to display backlighting appliances. The RGB color sensor uses three Si photodiodes with color filter, which makes it an ideal solution to color balance of display backlighting appliances. Both sensors are available in SMD packages.

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