TTI Offers Vishay's TNPW and TNPU Series Thin Film Resistors



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., features the broadest and deepest inventory of Vishay’s TNPW High Stability and TNPU Ultra Precision Series Thin Film resistor products in the industry. Both the TNPW and TNPU thin film resistors are readily available from TTI and are ideal for applications such as test and measuring equipment, medical equipment, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and any other application where stability and precision are critical requirements. 

The TNPW is AEC-Q200-qualified and offers excellent moisture and sulfur resistance in a wide range of values, while the TNPU is also AEC-Q200 qualified and offers low temp coefficients, tight tolerances, and superior resistance to moisture and sulfur conditions. 

Vishay TNPW Series

Vishay TNPU Series

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