TTI Stocks Honeywell MicroSwitch Sealed Switches



Fort Worth, Texas –  TTI, Inc. stocks a broad range of industry-leading Honeywell MICROSWITCH Sealed Switches. Capable of withstanding rapid changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature, the sealed switches provide maximum strength and repeatability for military and aerospace applications.

With a broad range of actuators, terminations, circuitry configurations, electrical ratings, contact materials, and operating characteristics available, Honeywell MICROSWITCH Sealed Switches are configurable for your design specifications. There are six different switch series available at TTI, including the EN, HE, XE, HM, HS and SE Series. The EN Series provides precise and reliable position indication and features an all metal drivetrain for consistent performance at high and low temperatures.

Hermetic sealing on the HE Series switches protects the mechanisms from particle contaminants, liquid, and gas environments. The SE and XE Series switches feature auxiliary actuators to expand the capability of the products for additional applications and are environmentally sealed in a compact package for indoor and outdoor use. Each switch series meets military standards and/or U.S., European, and CCC approval for global use.

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