TTI Stocks Optical Sensor Modules from TT Electronics



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., is now stocking the OPB9001 reflective optical sensor module from TT Electronics. This sensor is targeted for medical and industrial applications including industrial printing, asset tracking, factory automation, automated banking systems, safety and security devices, and portable medical equipment.

The OPB9001 is a reflective, CMOS logic output sensor with programmable sensitivity, incorporated into a module assembly offering voltage protection, output calibration, temperature compensation, and multifunction indicator LEDs. This unit is factory calibrated for a 12mm distance on a white reflective card. The OPB9001 can be recalibrated with a single command for unique applications or surfaces ranging from 2.5mm to 50mm. The operational supply voltage can range from 3.3V to 30V. The industry-leading response time of 6µs ensures high-speed detection for time-critical applications. Excellent ambient light immunity along with 8kV ESD protection sets the OPB9001 apart from the competition.

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