TTI Stocks TT Electronics Surface-Mount Infrared LED Emitter



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc. introduces TT Electronics Surface-Mount Infrared LED Emitters (OP207CL) for encoder applications, industrial automation, robotics, and more. The compact, infrared LED emitter features the industry’s largest spot diameter of 7mm for reliable optical sensing and position encoder applications.

The surface-mount LED with integral molded lens comes mounted on a 9.9x9.9 mm PCB substrate. The compact footprint and height of only 6.3 mm allow use in space-constrained applications. With an operating temperature range of -40 °C to 105 °C, the OP207CL can withstand demanding environments for applications requiring dependable position, proximity, and motion sensing. 

With up to 10mW total radiated power at the maximum drive current of 100mA, and 2.25° angle of half intensity, the OP207CL couples optical flux extremely efficiently onto the receiving photo-sensor to ensure clearly detectable on/off transitions.

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