TTI Stocks Vishay Hybrid Energy Storage Capacitors



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., has stock for immediate shipment of the MAL219690113E3, a 90F, 2.8V Hybrid energy storage cap from Vishay.

The Vishay 196 HVC series exhibits more than three times the energy density of a traditional supercapacitor and is available in 4F, 15F and 90F versions. Useful life is up to 2000hr at 85°C and up 100,000 charge/discharge cycles. Additionally, the HVC series has a very low self-discharge rate, which can be less than 5 percent per month or less than 15 percent after three months.

196 HVC ENYCAP capacitors are approved up to 10 g for safe use in consumer, automotive, and industrial environments. ENYCAPs are available in various layouts (flat, stacked, pins, tabs) with a profile as low as 2.5mm. Voltages for the hybrid storage caps range from 1.4V for a single cell up to 8.4 volts for multiple cells. 

Applications are wide-ranging and include memory power backup, real-time clock backup, write-cache protection for hard drives, burst power for flash lighting and wireless transmitters, energy harvesting storage devices and UPS power sources.

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