TTi's Mains and Harmonics Compliance Analyser Updated For Class C Lighting Equipment Tests



The TTi HA1600A mains and harmonics analyser has been updated to include a full implementation of the two alternative special assessments for Class C Discharge Lighting equipment below 25 W, as specified in EN61000-3-2. The requirements of this standard include the measurement and display of phase angles where current conduction starts and stops, and of the phase angle of the last peak of the current waveform in each half-cycle. It also provides for a no limits below' threshold in Class C (standard lighting equipment) measurements, with a default value of 25W. In addition to the standards changes, TTi has also improved the way in which the phase angle is reported for the phase of the peak current. This gives a more useful value with real-world distorted mains waveforms (when the actual peak is often beyond 105°). Phase is now relative to the mid-point of the two zero crossings of the voltage waveform rather than the actual peak of the voltage waveform. If the mains voltage is an undistorted sine wave, the result will be the same. Printed reports produced either directly from the instrument or through the new release of the HA-PC Link software are enhanced to include the extra information and assessments. The new firmware for the HA1600A is shipped with all new units. The update is available to existing users as a free download on the product support pages on the TTi web site: The HA1600A is a fast, easy-to-use mains and harmonics analyser with a large high-resolution graphical display. Intended primarily as a dedicated harmonics and flicker analyser for compliance quality measurements, it can also be used as a general-purpose mains analyser. The HA1600A is capable of continuous real-time analysis of both voltage and current. As a general purpose mains analyser it can measure watts, VA, Vrms, Vpk, Arms, Apk, crest factors, THD, power factor, frequency and inrush current with a rating of 16A RMS continuous. To view the data sheet click here: