TT's automotive-qualified power inductors tout robustness and efficiency



HA78 inductors

TT Electronics, a provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, launched the HA78 series of power inductors aimed at LED driver and braking control system applications in the automotive market. The inductors are Ideal for high power density applications where size is critical and particularly where high-efficiency DC-DC converters are using high switching frequencies to 3Mhz as well as EMI and low pass DC filters.

Bearing the all important automotive industry AEC-Q200 certification, the HA78 series inductors are available in a vast range of inductance and current rating to meet the needs of virtually any relevant application. Inductance ratings from 1.4µH to 1800µH, and current ratings up to 10A are available.

Reliability was a key factor in the design of the HA78 inductors that feature an impressive specification including an operating temperature range of -40 to +125°C, and a maximum temperature rise of 40°C from an 85°C ambient environment. Able to withstand high shock and vibration conditions, the inductors are mechanically robust for long life expectancy. Magnetically shielded and RoHS compliant, the HA78 series inductors feature low resistance values that minimise insertion loss and maximise system efficiency.

The TT Electronics HA78 inductors will find favour with automotive electronic design engineers in specific applications such as LED driver, powertrain, engine and transmission control, as well as with design engineers operating in the general industrial area for use in DC/DC converters and automation applications.

TT Electronics