TVS Diode Array Maintains Critical Signal Line Impedance for High-Speed Communications Ports



RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Bourns, Inc., introduced a TVS diode array designed to provide effective surge protection in high-speed communication port and sensitive transceiver applications. The Bourns Model CDDFN10-2574N TVS diode array features a DFN10 package that uses a flow-through layout to enable minimal impedance change, which is a critical requirement for high-speed ports such as Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). Furthermore, its ultra-low capacitance of only 1.7 picofarads minimizes signal degradation on each channel.

The expanded adoption of sensor-based and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications will continue to depend upon GbE and other high-speed lines. When these connected devices are deployed in remote, harsh environment locations, they are particularly susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and surge damage, and therefore, require robust protection. Offering a superior performance solution, Bourns’ latest TVS diode array offers lower clamp voltage on surge, and unlike competing technologies, it uses solid-state avalanche technology that does not degrade after multiple ESD events.

The Bourns® Model CDDFN10-2574N TVS diode array combines a 2.5 V TVS diode with steering diodes to provide protection for eight high-speed data lines. It also meets specified safety standards providing ±30 kV contact and discharge ESD protection per IEC 61000-4-2, and 45 A (8/20 μs) IEC 61000-4-5 lightning protection.

Available now, the Bourns Model CDDFN10-2574N surface mount TVS diode array is RoHS compliant*. As a pricing reference, it is priced at $0.60 in 12,000 pcs quantities. For more detailed product information, please see the datasheet: