UHF Band Low Noise amplifier


Low current consumption in a small USP-8A01 package

A new low noise amplifier is launched by Torex XC2402 in CMOS process aimed at the 470MHz~880MHz bandwidths of terrestrial digital TV. Applying a logic signal at the SW pin enables the selection from between high-gain and low-gain modes. In high-gain mode, the XC2402 combines a 15 dB high gain of with a low noise figure of 1.4 dB. Owing to its very low operating voltage of 1.2 V and low current consumption, the XC2402 consumes as little as 9.4 mW in this mode and only 3.5 uW in low-gain model. The amplifier is a available in a small USP-8A01 package (1.5 x 1.5 x 0.6mm). www.torex-europe.com