Ultra-broadband capacitors address DC blocking from 16 KHz to 40GHz



AVX, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced a new ultra-broadband capacitor series. Designed to address DC blocking from 16KHz to 40GHz, AVX's GX03 series ultra-broadband capacitors exhibit ultra-broadband performance, extremely low insertion loss, excellent return loss and X7R characteristics. Ideal applications for the GX03 series include: semiconductor data communications, receiver optical subassemblies, transimpedance amplifiers and test equipment. "The GX03 series was specifically developed to address DC blocking issues from 16KHz to 40GHz in applications that require higher voltages than are accommodated by our other broadband capacitor offerings," said Larry Eisenberger, Senior Marketing Application Engineer at AVX. "Featuring all of the key benefits for which the GX series is known, the new, higher-voltage GX03 series solves customer design issues and adds value to the trusted GX product family." Rated at 50VDC from -55°C to +125°C, the new GX03 series ultra-broadband capacitors feature a 0603 case size, are completely orientation insensitive, and utilize AVX's patented, precision, thin film termination process to minimize board space requirements. Available with Ni-Sn and Ni-Au terminations, AVX's GX03 series capacitors are compatible with a wide range of attachment processes, including wire bonding for Ni-Au terminated components. AVX