Ultra-compact 200W desktop power supply has GaN switching


FiDUS Power has launched its GDA200 power supply that uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) rather than silicon semi-conductor switches.

GaN provides increased efficiency, reduced heat losses and operation a higher-frequencies, allowing the size of magnetics and other components to be reduced. The result is an amazingly-compact 200W external desktop power supply with market leading 12.5W/In³ power density.


The FiDUS GDA200 will be welcomed by system designers looking for a sleek power supply to accompany and enhance innovative new products that deliver an image of quality and leading edge technology. It will be advantageous to designers of portable equipment and instrumentation in markets including; high end audio, test and measurement, bench top and audio broadcast equipment.


The ultra-compact size is also advantageous to customers incorporating external power supplies into their designs to speed up the approvals process. The very small size, just 150 x 54 x 33mm (5.9 x 2.12 x 1.3”) may also reduce total system package size resulting in higher shipping and storage densities, especially when the closest competitive product is some 2 ½ times larger.


The FiDUS GDA200 is available in class I or II (C14 and C8 inlet), with the C14 inlet model 11mm longer than the C8 model to accommodate the IEC input. It offers designers future proofing with the latest energy efficiency legislation; Department of Energy Level VI & Energy Related Products Tier 2, and latest general safety approval EN62368-1. The units offer global approvals for use in Japan (PSE), China (CCC) and Taiwan (BSMI) as well as the Americas (UL) and Europe (CE). The units are suitable for use in ITE applications conforming to conducted and radiated emissions EN55032 level B.


The GDA200 range is reliable, cost competitive and has a FiDUS 5 year warranty. The units offer 192-200 watts of output power with output voltages available between 12 and 56VDC.