Ultra Low-Profile Automotive Connectors Offer 30% Space Saving


Ultra-reliable 0.64mm terminal system; reduced height compared to standard USCAR footprint; single and dual row variants; various keying and colour options

JST Automotive wiring harnesses and wire-to-board connection systems are very widely used by every automotive OEM globally. To meet the demands of today’s automotive manufacturers for ultra-reliable, high performance connectors, JST Automotive has developed its new AIT and AIT II Series high voltage, ultra-low profile interconnects which are now in stock in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components. JST AIT and AIT II Series unsealed low-profile connectors offer a low engagement force 0.64 board-to-wire and wire-to-wire terminal system with a stabilizer that is highly reliable and secure and ensures electrical contact resistance.  In addition, the AIT and AIT II connectors reduce height by over 30% compared to competitive standard USCAR footprint connectors and are available in multiple variations to suit customer needs.   Suitable applications for the AIT and AIT II Series include electric vehicles, power inverters, transmission systems, car multimedia modules, climate control modules, car dashboard applications and many more.

Key benefits of the AIT Series and AIT II Series include a polarization feature that prevents mis-insertion of the wire into the cavity and a protected locking feature.  In addition, as well as the protected lock, there is TPA, so the structure is strong, reinforced and stable.  Both single and dual row interconnects are available in the AIT and AIT II Series.

Specifications for the AIT II Series include a current rating of 5A AC, DC max. and a voltage rating of 14VDC.  Temperature range is -40degC to +125degC according to GMW 3191 tests Contact Resistance is initial value/15mΩ max, and after environmental testing/15mΩ max.  Insulation resistance is 100MΩ min.  Applicable wire for the AIT II Series connectors is SAE/ AVSS/ CAVS/ FLRY in 0.3mm² to 0.8mm².  The connectors are compliant with ELV/RoHS specifications.

For more information about TTI, please visit www.ttieurope.com.