Ultra-Miniature Pushbutton Switches for Lasting Performance


Designed for reset functions and signaling switching, the miniature FP Series provides PCB real estate space savings and simplifies the assembly process

C&K has developed a sealed miniature pushbutton switch that offers an extended operating life to 50,000 cycles on FP11 & FP21 version. The FP Series is completely sealed via an O-ring between the actuator and bushing, preventing contamination. The sealing also enables automated soldering and cleaning, saving significant time and money during the assembly process.

Available in a wide range of options including vertical and right angle mount; SPST, SPDT, DPST and DPDT; and many cap colors, the versatile FP Series pushbutton switches are commonly used in data communication and telecommunication applications.

"The FP Series combines a robust design with miniaturization to ensure long-lasting and high-performance operation," said Edward Mork, Global Product Manager at C&K. "Offering PCB space savings, design flexibility and simplified assembly, the FP Series provides maximum functionality for networking and instrumentation equipment."

The right angle FP Series switches measure 5.6mm x 7mm, with a board height of only 4.5mm. The vertical version measures 4.5mm x 7mm, with a board height of 5.6mm. The FP Series switches have gold over nickel-plated contacts and are available with or without a white, black or red cap.

The FP Series switch has a maximum operating force of 4.9N Max and mechanical travel is 1.0mm. Operating temperature ranges from -20ºC to +80ºC.

The FP Series switches are available in tray packaging and bulk bag for the caps.

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