UltraVolt® Unveils Extension Of Bench-Top High-Voltage Power Systems



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UltraVolt, Inc., the world-leading supplier of standard-product high-voltage power supplies, announced today the extension of the BT Series line to include a new, general purpose bench-top high-voltage power system - the BT-GP Series. The BT Series of bench-top power systems is already known for its high reliability as well as its easy-to-use computerized front panel and digital interfaces. The BT-GP Series continues in that tradition in a lower cost configuration for more cost conscious high-voltage applications in the laboratory, test department, or installed in process equipment. BT-GP Series units are optimal for applications such as electrostatics, air purification, process fluid cleansing, hi pot testing, and laboratory research. Features of the BT-GP Series include adjustable output from 0 to 100% via a front panel control for setting high-voltage output, along with an output meter and protection from output overload, arcing, and short circuits. Output voltage is up to 30kV at 0 to 30W of output power. Input voltage is universal 90-260VAC or 24VDC. "UltraVolt is excited to expand our products for users requiring a complete HV solution", said James Morrison, CEO and Co-Founder. "The Bench Top - General Purpose line gives users a good, metered high-voltage DC source at a good price with solid features and performance. The BT-GP Series enables our customers to get the job done - to power an application economically, to take measurements, and even to operate within a piece of equipment. With this unit we continue Making High Voltage Easier® by meeting the needs of our customers' diverse applications." For more information, please contact UltraVolt's customer service department or visit www.ultravolt.com