Ultravolt® Unveils New Enhanced Interface Options For Its High-Voltage Power Supplies



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UltraVolt, Inc., the world-leading manufacturer of standard-product DC-to-DC high-voltage power supplies, today announced it has redefined its high-voltage power supply line by introducing two enhanced interface options: the -I5 Option and the -I10 Option. Currently, the -I5 and -I10 Options are available on the AA Series and High Power C Series, but UltraVolt plans to offer the options on many additional product lines. After listening to the needs of high-voltage power supply (HVPS) customers, UltraVolt created the -I5 and -I10 Options of alternate standard interfaces. These new interfaces are optimized for connecting the HVPS to computers and programmable logic controllers (PLC) in process systems and capital equipment, which are typically standardized on 0 to +5VDC and +10VDC signals and controls. The options include buffered, low output impedance current and voltage monitors, and they have a programming accuracy of ±1%. Remote programming for all polarities and all modes is 0 to +5V (-I5) or 0 to +10V (-I10), and the options also feature a +5V (-I5) or +10V (-I10) reference, ±0.05% PPM/°C. As an added benefit, the enhanced interfaces offer constant voltage, constant current (CVCC) auto-crossover and have current and voltage mode indicators. Since the -I5 Option and -I10 Option are optimized for a wide variety of applications, they are ideal for use by the majority of high-voltage power supply design engineers. Some applications where the -I5 Option or the -I10 Option can be used include: bias supplies, detectors, piezo actuators, amplifiers, photomultiplier tubes (PMT), lasers, cap-chargers, pulsed power, pulse generators, test equipment, high pot testers, automated test equipment (ATE), and electrostatic precipitators. Additional applications will be added to this list as the options are released for additional UltraVolt product lines. "I am thrilled UltraVolt can continue to offer options that fulfill needs of our customers, especially when we can simplify their design process!" said James Morrison, Co-Founder and CEO. "We are firm in our commitment of Making High Voltage Easier®, and with options such as these, we can also deliver Higher Service and Higher Performance, two of our core values." For additional information on the new -I5 Option and -I10 Option, visit UltraVolt on the web at www.ultravolt.com/product/options-and-accessories or email the UltraVolt Customer Service department at csd@ultravolt.com