UPS targets enterprise apps



Huawei, a leading information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has announced the launch of UPS5000-E, its latest uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system. Featuring high efficiency, high density and high availability features, UPS5000-E provides enterprises with stable power supply for ICT infrastructure to ensure stability in business operations. The rapid development of cloud computing has increased the demands on power supply for critical ICT infrastructures, such as servers and switches. The UPS5000-E is a modularized UPS system with high efficiency, high density and high availability, to reduce the reliance on power grids and avoid loss of customers' core business data. The modular UPS5000-E system supports online maintenance and expansion, with capacity expandable from 40kw to 300kw. Featuring a compact design, the floor space required for UPS5000-E is reduced by 50% compared to traditional UPS systems. Supporting front access and installation against the wall, it also allows for simple maintenance. Its power mode reaches a power density of 40kw/3U, believed to be the highest in the industry, with 96% efficiency. Huawei