USB-ready Li-ion battery charger IC enables fast charging of portable devices


USB-ready Li-ion battery charger IC enables fast charging of portable devices

Manufactured with a 0.13-?m mixed-signal process technology, the TC7710WBG high-current USB ready Li-ion battery charger IC from Toshiba Electronics offers one of the industry's fastest charging currents - up to 2.0A. The charger IC supports cost, power and form-factor efficiencies for optimum charging of batteries used in smartphones and mobile devices. Today's rechargeable battery technology is lagging behind advancing processor technology. As such, current charger solutions require users to charge their smart phones and other mobile devices more frequently, or for longer periods of time. The charger IC solves this problem through an efficient switching regulator core that maximizes power efficiency and thermal management for heat dissipation, while facilitating reduced passive component size. A 0.13-?m mixed-signal process enables the new IC to achieve one of the lowest Rds(on)*Qg characteristics in the industry. As a result, it is well suited for demanding DC-DC converter applications where high-power density is needed. The device is designed with a highly efficient DC/DC buck regulator that handles up to 2.0A of charging current in a compact WCSP25 2.5mm x 2.5mm package. A high 3MHz switching frequency reduces passive component value and, therefore, form factor, saving board real estate. The device can reach peak efficiency above 90%. Designed to protect system and battery circuit, the device's input current comes from a 5V USB adaptor and this voltage is delivered to the Li-ion battery through the device's switching regulator. It not only steps down the source voltage to the desirable voltage for the battery, but also controls the charging profiles dynamically to optimize the charging duration and operation reliability. An I2C interface allows various parameters such as charging current and profile selection to be set. The TC7710WBG also supports the USB On-The-Go (OTG) standard to power a peripheral USB device (e.g. a pico projector) from the battery. Toshiba