UTAC Receives Accreditation to Automotive Quality Standard


Achievement of ISO26262 further strengthens UTAC’s quality processes and policies to include functional safety for safety-critical automotive systems

UTAC Holdings Ltd. announced that they have been awarded the prestigious automotive-related quality standard ISO26262 for their automotive manufacturing  focused facility UTAC Thailand (UTL) in Bangkok.

Many vehicles incorporate significant amounts of electronic content to provide semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous functions, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automated emergency braking (AEB) and other functions upon which lives can depend. As a result, the most stringent quality standards must be applied to these systems and any associated sub-systems.

ISO26262 is an adaption of the industrial safety standard (IEC 61508) that specifically relates to electrical and electronic equipment in road vehicles. It is a true ‘cradle to grave’ approach that covers all stages of a system’s life from concept through design to production and ultimately, obsolescence.

The standard defines four automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL) with D being the most stringent. The different levels will be applied to systems and sub-systems, depending upon the possible severity of a failure. Within the standard, a system is considered to be functionally safe if any random failures, systematic failures and common cause failures do not lead to a malfunction of the safety-relevant system. Ultimately, ISO26262 intends to prevent any injury or fatality to people in the vehicle or other road users.

As a result of their accreditation to ISO26262, UTAC will create, foster and sustain a safety culture that supports and encourages the effective achievement of functional safety which will include the creation of specific rules and processes.

UTAC are already qualified to ISO9001 which ensures broad product quality, as well as IATF16949 that focusses upon the characteristics of the automotive product development process. ISO26262 will add a further layer of quality that specifically manages all safety-critical automotive projects.

For more information, visit www.utacgroup.com.