VACUUMSCHMELZE to present a wide portfolio of nanocrystalline VITROPERM components at PCIM



The Cores and Components division of VACUUMSCHMELZE will again attend PCIM in Nuremberg this year. From 10 to 12 May at the new stand number 123 in Hall 7, VAC will focus its product presentations on transformers, cut cores and chokes using the nanocrystalline material VITROPERM. In addition, the company will present kW power transformers and cut cores for modern rail applications, gate drive transformers for IGBTs, and common-mode chokes for EMC filters.

The VAC kW power transformers for rail applications are based on nanocrystalline VITROPERM. The transformers deliver outputs of up to 60 kW. Fully customised transformer models can achieve high insulation voltages and currents of up to 500 Arms on the secondary side, making the transformers suitable for applications including auxiliary converters and battery charging rectifiers.

VAC will give a poster talk at the PCIM Conference presenting the latest findings on the nanocrystalline core material from FEM simulations.

Medium-Frequency Transformers (MFT) are the latest developments in the field of MW power transmission applications, such as traction converters and smart grid applications. VAC’s cut cores are the ideal basis, with a high saturation induction of 1.2 T and low hysteresis losses at certain kHz switching frequencies. A talk at the Exhibitors’ Forum will provide information about the specific advantages of nanocrystalline core materials.

Common-mode chokes using nanocrystalline toroidal tape-wound cores are highly suitable for EMC filters in the grid side of solar inverters, power supplies and on the line to solar panels.

Customers can select from an array of components for single-phase or multi-phase systems or enquire about customised designs. The chokes can be used for rated currents of over 400A with an insulation voltage of up to 4 kV. In addition, VAC will present core stack assemblies for damping interference peaks on long supply lines, e.g. between a frequency inverter and motor.

A new revised version of the brochure “Nanocrystalline VITROPERM EMC Products“, giving an overview of VAC’s product ranges, will be available for the trade show.

A further talk at the Exhibitors’ Forum will present the options offered by nanocrystalline cores in EMC applications.

Gate drive transformers for IGBT drives, based on nanocrystalline magnetic cores, are remarkable for their compact size and outstanding voltage-time integral. Featuring advanced winding and insulation concepts, the transformers deliver high-precision pulse transmission combined with maximum resistance to interference.
Two new standard series will be presented, designed for compliance with the relevant standards IEC61800 and IEC61558. The sector will also present specialist products for a wide range of applications.