VACUUMSCHMELZE to show at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg



Automation technology suppliers from all over the world will meet in Nuremberg from 25 – 27 November to exchange ideas and experiences about products, innovations and trends in their sector of industry. This year they will be joined for the first time by VACUUMSCHMELZE. The company will present its complete portfolio of services related to engine and motor technology at Stand 3-628 in Hall 3. VAC’s decision to take part in the trade show was driven by the increasing expansion of its operations into the area of motor and engine peripherals. The trade show venue in Nuremberg is an extremely attractive proposition for customers located in Southern Germany and interested in VAC’s advanced materials for motor and engine optimization – a further reason for the Hanau-based company to attend SPS IPC Drives.

VAC has built a strong presence in the motor and engine industry, with its permanent magnet systems, CoFe and NiFe alloys for electric drives particularly well established on the market. At SPS IPC Drives, VAC’s Materials and Permanent Magnets divisions will together present the results of a study on motor optimisation using VAC materials.

The initial phase of the study, which is currently under way, involves modifications to the topology of the permanent magnets integrated into the motor. By exploiting the ‘north-south effect’ of asymmetric field strength, VAC was able to boost output by achieving around five to six per cent higher torque while keeping costs at a comparable level.

In the second stage, electrical steel components were replaced by CoFe alloy. This material from the Hanau-based materials specialists enables motor dimensions to be reduced by up to 25 per cent, resulting in significant weight savings.Finally, as part of the study the new VACODUR® S+ alloy was used in the rotor and stator assembly. The exceptional hardness of this alloy enables higher speeds to be reached, further increasing motor output.