VACUUMSCHMELZE to show their latest transformers, cut cores and chokes at PCIM 2015 in Nuremberg



The Cores and Components division of VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) will again attend PCIM in Nuremberg this year. From 19th to 21st May, VAC's stand 119 in Hall 7 will focus its product presentations on transformers, cut cores and chokes using the nanocrystalline material VITROPERM®.
This year, VAC will highlight its IGBT drive transformers, power transformers and cut cores for rail applications and common-mode chokes for EMC filters.

IGBT drive transformers based on nanocrystalline magnetic cores are remarkable for their compact size and outstanding dielectric strength. Featuring flexible winding concepts, the transformers deliver high-precision pulse transmission combined with maximum resistance to interference. A focus of the company’s presentation at the trade show is a new drive transformer developed in collaboration with Infineon and optimised for compatibility with a special family of IGBT products. VAC will also introduce three drive transformers which recently received VDE certification under IEC 61800, thus significantly simplifying approval processes for customers’ devices. More details are given in the Product Information Sheet PI-IA 1. This category is rounded off by two prototype drive modules that combine signal and output transmission in a single unit.

kW power transformers for rail applications are also based on nanocrystalline VITROPERM. These extremely compact transformers deliver outputs of up to 60 kW. Fully customised transformer models can achieve high insulation voltages and currents of up to 500 Arms on the secondary side, making the transformers suitable for applications including auxiliary converters and battery charging rectifiers.

VAC also supplies nanocrystalline cut cores for outputs in the MW range, typically found in traction converters and smart grid applications. With a high saturation induction of 1.2 Tesla and low hysteresis losses at switching frequencies of several kHz, they can be used to build extremely compact power units compared to conventional core materials. The cores are available in six standard types of various sizes; however, these cores are generally produced as custom designs.

Common-mode chokes with nanocrystalline toroidal tape-wound cores are highly suitable for EMC filters in the grid side of solar inverters, power supplies and on the line to solar panels. Customers can select from an array of components for single-phase or multi-phase systems or enquire about customised designs. The chokes can be used for rated currents of over 400 A with an insulation strength of up to 4 kV.

For developers, VAC’s website offers an updated Quick Selector to assist in making initial product choices. The new de-rating function enables the maximum rated current for application-specific ambient temperatures to be simulated for the selected choke.

A CMC Sample Kit, with a selection of 24 common mode chokes, and a Core Sample Kit are available for customers' in-house development tests.