Vaneaxial Fan Designed for High-Pressure Applications



WILLOWBROOK, IL — The New York Blower Company has expanded its line of industrial axial fans with the Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Direct Drive Fan. The fan is ideal for high-flow, high-pressure applications in industries including mining, process supply and exhaust, transportation, combustion air/flare and pulp/paper. The fan’s inline, compact design is efficient for applications confined by space. 

“The Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Direct Drive Fan is durable, flexible and consistent for excellent performance in a variety of applications, including high temperature and corrosive environments,” says Dave Maletich, Vice President of Marketing at New York Blower. “Manufacturers need equipment options that are low-maintenance and durable, and this fan does its job so that manufacturers can focus on theirs.”

The fan reaches a volume of 120,000 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and is precisely manufactured to improve efficiency. Full and half solidity wheels enhance the fan’s flexibility, making it easier to select a fan for specific application requirements.

Industrial manufacturers can adjust the fan blade pitch to improve an application’s efficiency and throughput. The industrial-grade coating resists corrosion in harsh, outdoor applications. As with all nyb industrial duct fans, the wheels are located on the discharge side of the fan to pull clean, ambient air through the belt-well and inner bearing tube. The line of nyb industrial duct fans are perform well in high moisture environments where gas stream temperatures reach 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Premium Design Increases Accessibility

The fan comes fitted with industrial-grade motors and extended lubrication lines so maintenance personnel can lubricate the bearings without having to remove ductwork to gain access to the fan. Operators can access the interior components and adjust the blade pitch through the inspection door which comes standard on all fan sizes. The door saves time and resources from disassembling ductwork or taking apart the fan to perform simple maintenance tasks.

Other safety and volume control accessories are available for the fan, including inlet dampers, silencers and inlet and outlet guards.

Additional New York Blower industrial axial fans round out the portfolio of solutions for the industrial manufacturing marketplace. Other industrial axial fans include:

nyb Vaneaxial Fixed Pitched Fan: The nyb Fixed Pitched fan comes in both direct and belt-drive arrangements with multiple hub-to-blade ratios for increased performance and flexibility. The fan generates static pressures of more than eight inches of water gauge (“WG). It is ideal for high-pressure ventilating and industrial process applications requiring the compactness of an axial fan.

nyb Industrial Duct Fan: This housing on this line of belt-driven fans is short and compact to accommodate tight installation requirements. The line of fans features an aerodynamic belt well for high efficiency operation. Three wheel designs are available to meet specific application requirements, including one-piece cast aluminum, multiple-piece cast aluminum, and a steel-fabricated wheel design. Fans can also be modified to accommodate high moisture and hotter airstreams with high-temperature fans wheels, special drive components, and a finned rotating collar to displace moisture.

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