VDA Quick Connectors for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


Updated product line improves safety and eases integration of thermal management systems

Automotive fastening and assembly solutions provider ARaymond has announced a new generation of VDA Quick Connectors — building on its decade of experience designing and manufacturing quick connectors complying with the VDA standard.

Used for heating and cooling lines, including thermal regulation of battery packs in electric and hybrid vehicles, the new ARaymond VDA QCs feature an improved design that will meet Thermal Management Systems integration and assembly challenges and improve overall vehicle safety. 

The new VDA LOW-PUSH Quick Connectors have been upgraded to reduce the insertion effort required to achieve connection, and this product line was inspired by the accelerating trend towards hybrid and electric vehicles, which are relying on an increasing number of VDA style connectors with no sign of slowing. ARaymond’s new VDA LOW PUSH QCs are now available globally through the ARaymond network, and ARaymond factories are ready and tooled up to support the new product line.  

Ocak said that as more vehicle subsystems rely on heating and cooling, more fluid lines and more connections must be made with large diameter Quick Connectors, increasing musculoskeletal risk for workers. The improved ergonomic ease of this new line of connectors will mean a healthier work force.

An additional feature of the VDA LOW PUSH QCs is an optional Verifier tab that allows operators or automatic systems to confirm a proper connection has been made. The Verifier only becomes visible when the end piece is correctly inserted into the Quick Connector, and displays a customizable QR code which can be easily detected and read, which will mitigate the risk of misassemblies.

ARaymond also offers its customers customized connectors in a variety of diameters, angles and shapes as needed, and with the possibility to integrate fluid management elements such as valves or sensors.  

A family business since 1865, the ARaymond Network has been defined by key inventions over the years, including the press-stud back in 1886 and the first generation of quick connectors for automotive fuel systems in 1989.

For more information, visit ARaymond's website.