Venable Instruments presents their latest solutions at APEC 2014



Venable Instruments incorporates the latest CPLD technology to unleash the power of a dedicated processor, performing all data acquisition and analysis functions. A separate processor handles all the communication functions. Optimum performance derives from the use of storage within the CPLD, which enables synchronous buffering between the processor and the analog hardware.

The digital interface “Sync” signal provides synchronization between analog and digital hardware. The Venable Model 8805 performs simultaneous analysis on both analog input channels and the digital target processor, reliably capturing all data. The digital interface can be disabled, via software, to use the analyzer in a standard 2-channel, analog only, configuration.

-Digitally Controlled Feedback Loops
-Mixed Signal Digital & Analog Measurements
-Programmable Power Supplies
-Synthesized Compensator Coefficients

Presenting at APEC
Join their APEC presentation “Stability Analysis of a Digital Controller Based Power Supply using the new Venable Mixed Signal Analyzer” in Room 204, Tuesday March 18th at 2:15PM. Manfred Trent, Venable Sr. Staff Engineer, will be the presenter.

Venable Instruments