Vicon Announces Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Camera



Vicon, a subsidiary of Cemtrex Inc., announced the release of its new Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Camera, the V1100B-THM-TEMP. The camera is designed to help organizations of all types to minimize the risk of reopening their facilities during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Designed to help businesses screen people for elevated temperatures, the V1100B-THM-TEMP thermal camera provides contactless body temperature detection for individual or multiple people with a stunning accuracy of ±0.54° F. The powerful, dual-spectrum camera alerts operators to critical events, such as a high-temperature detection or individuals who are not wearing a mask and takes a snapshot of the person’s face so operators can quickly identify the individual for further screening and verification.

As businesses begin to reopen after the COVID-19 crisis, safeguarding employees, customers and facilities is critical. The V1100B-THM-TEMP camera helps organizations identify at-risk individuals before they interact with students, patients, customers, and employees. With a response time of 30-milliseconds, the camera can capture up to 16 targets at a time to ensure that no one slips by. This camera is designed for a wide range of applications including offices and multi-tenant buildings, schools and universities, hospitals and extended care facilities, airports and transportation depots, correctional facilities and retail establishments.

Key features include:

  • Alerts operators to individuals with potentially elevated temperatures
  • Detects individuals not wearing a mask
  • Records images of faces for immediate identification
  • Detects up 16 people simultaneously
  • Blackbody technology provides a stable heat source to ensure greater reading accuracy, even in changing environments

Vicon’s V1100B-THM-TEMP camera is now available to purchase. Learn more about the product here.