Vincotech's flow7PACK power modules serve motion control apps



The flow7PACK line from Vincotech

Power electronics designers are constantly seeking innovative, flexible solutions to satisfy the industry's tough demands for EMC, a small footprint and low system costs. The flow7PACK line from Vincotech is a remarkably flexible and convenient option for applications in which EMC presents a problem because of the PIM module's compact design.

Equipped with a brake and three phase inverter, a flow7PACK module can serve as an independent solution that accommodates a locally separated single-phase or a three-phase input rectifier in the design.
Featuring low-inductance layouts, clever pin-outs and very compact 17 mm housings, flow7PACK power modules serve applications ranging from 8 A to 100 A.

Options include:
- flow 0 housing (flow7PACK 0) rated for 8 A, 15 A and 25 A
- flow 1 housing (flow7PACK 1) rated for 25 A, 35 A and 50 A
- flow 2 housing with a base plate (flow7PACK 2) and rated for 50 A, 75 A and 100 A.

Solder pins and a built-in NTC are standard, while Press-fit pins and pre-applied phase-change material are available on demand. Samples and datasheets are available on request. Serial production is slated to commence in the second half of 2015.