Vishay's dual-asymmetric-packaged MOSFETs for automotive now at Rutronik



12V SQJ200EP n-channel TrenchFET device

Distributor Rutronik presents the first AEC-Q101-qualified 12V and 20V MOSFETs in a dual asymmetric package from Vishay. The Vishay Siliconix SQJ202EP and SQJ200EP n-channel TrenchFET devices are optimized for high-side and low-side synchronous buck applications.

The 12V SQJ202EP and 20V SQJ200EP combine a smaller high-side MOSFET for faster switching and a larger low-side MOSFET for lower on-resistance in a compact 5x6mm PowerPAK SO-8L dual asymmetric package. Thereby, they provide high-performance alternatives to standard dual devices, restricting the optimum combination of MOSFETs for high-current, high-frequency buck designs.

Compared to using discrete components, the devices occupy less board space and can facilitate more compact PCB layouts. The SQJ202EP is well suited for applications with bus voltages ≤ 8V and offers extremely low maximum on-resistance down to 3.3mΩ at VGS = 10V for the channel 2 low-side MOSFET.

For applications with higher bus voltages, the 20V SQJ200EP features a slightly higher maximum on-resistance of 3.7mΩ. Both devices offer high-temperature operation to +175°C to provide ruggedness and reliability. Therefore, they are ideal for automotive synchronous buck applications, including infotainment, telematics, navigation and LED lighting. The MOSFETs are 100% tested for gate resistance and avalanche.