Vishay's P-Channel MOSFET Now Available from TTI



Vishay has introduced a new -30V P-channel TrenchFET Gen IV power MOSFET that offers industry-low on-resistance of 3.5mΩ at 10V. The SiSS05DN is packaged in the 3.3mm by 3.3mm thermally enhanced PowerPAK 1212-8S package. In addition, the SiSS05DN exhibits best in class on-resistance times gate charge of 172 mΩ*nC, a critical figure of merit (FOM) for MOSFETs used in switching applications. 

The space-saving Vishay Siliconix SiSS05DN is 65% smaller than devices with similar on-resistance in 6mm by 5mm packages and specifically built to increase power density. The MOSFET is ideal for adapter and load switches, reverse polarity protection, and motor drive control in battery-powered devices, battery chargers, consumer electronics, computers, telecom equipment, and more. To learn more, visit the Vishay Siliconix SiSS05DN part detail page.