Visit Rigol at Embedded World 2016



Visit Rigol at Embedded World at Hall 4, Stand 4-528

Rigol Technologies will present their complete product portfolio at the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg. Besides their well-known Oscilloscope series MSO/DS2000A and MSO/DS4000 with 50 MHz up to 1 GHz bandwidth, Rigol will show the new MSO-Ready Mixed Signal Oscilloscope series DS1000Z Plus with 70 and 100 MHz bandwidth. All scope series are based on the patented Ultra Vision Technology, which enables Rigol to offer oscilloscopes with an outstanding price/performance ratio. The new multi-language user interface allows configuring the scope easily in the corresponding language.

Rigol Technologies will also show the DG1000Z series, the latest generation of Rigol’s Arbitrary Function Generator series. These new instruments are the first members of a new family of fast and easy to use, ultra-modern test instruments. Besides the classical Direct Digital Synthesizer Technology (DDS), the DG1000Z series utilizes the new and innovative „SiFi“ Technology (Signal Fidelity) for arbitrary signals. With that technology you will no longer loose any signal details. The signal integrity and purity is tremendously improved, so that the result is a very stable, precise and a minimum distorted output signal with a small jitter. In addition to the complete offer of Arbitrary Signal Generators, the Data Acquisition System M301 as well as Power Supplies and Multimeters will be presented at the booth.

Additionally all High Frequency Instruments and Sources including the new RF Generator series DSG800 will be available and ready for testing. The new models DSG815 and DSG830 extend Rigol’s family of High Frequency Generators (DSG3000) with the frequency ranges of 1.5 GHz and 3.0 GHz. The instruments are characterized by very good specifications, which are beyond the features of comparable RF Signal Generators in this price range. On top of the great specifications at the low price it is possible to equip the DSG800 series with an additional pulse generator function.

Rigol will of course present their very successful DSA800 series of Spectrum Analyzers at the Embedded World. This will include also the higher performance models DSA832/875. The low SSB phase noise of -98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset enables engineers and technicians to perform more accurate analysis of signals close to modulation signals and the surrounding noise. This is very important when searching errors and for emission tests of transmitters and receivers. The DSA800 EMI option includes three additional EMI Filters and the Quasi-Peak Detector, which are both necessary for EMI pre-compliance measurements. Rigol introduces a new VSWR-Bridge to allow the measurement of input and output matching (50 Ohm) of e.g. filters up to 3.2 GHz or antenna matching.

All actual computer-based Measurement, Test and Control Programs will be installed and running on the different test setups, so that everyone can have a look at Rigol’s System Solution offer. The PC-based EMI Test System Software, which was introduced last year, has been completely revised and offers in combination with the Rigol Spectrum Analyzer series DSA1000 and DSA800 (+DSA800-EMI option) a compact and cheap test solution. The new version enhances the pre-compliance testing of components, subassemblies and complete systems and makes it easier and more comfortable.

Rigol will also show the DP800 series of Power Supplies, which were extended by the new models DP831, DP821 and DP811 last year. The DP800 series is designed for easy deployment in research, development and all laboratory applications. It is Rigol's next generation of power supply solutions and extends the existing product line offering an optimal price performance ratio.

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