Vitrek Launches Electrical Safety and Test Equipment Catalog



Vitrek introduces a new Electrical Safety and Test Equipment product catalog. This comprehensive resource provides detailed information about Vitrek’s electrical safety and test equipment including hipot & ground bond testers, power analyzers, high voltage meters, lighting testing products and more. The catalog also highlights Vitrek’s two latest product releases; the PA920 power analyzer with industry-leading power measurement accuracy (0.024%, 20Hz-1KHz) at an affordable cost; and the new full line of DC loads, the Vitrek DL Series offers exceptional performance in 125W-500W applications.

The 46-page catalog includes more than just product descriptions. Inside, readers can learn about Vitrek’s success stories with industry leaders in a variety of applications that include electronics and appliance manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, medical and healthcare as well as calibration and testing labs and R&D departments. The catalog features pre-sale application information, detailed technical specifications as well as information about its academic discount program. In addition, the catalog provides an overview of the calibration and certifications available from Vitrek’s in-house ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.

Every product included in Vitrek’s Electrical Safety and Test Equipment Catalog is American made in San Diego, California and comes with the same outstanding level of customer support, features and performance quality Vitrek customers have relied on for over 25 years.

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